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Toomey Defence Lawyers was founded in 2011 by Sophie Toomey

Sophie has been a criminal lawyer of almost 20 years experience.  Her mission is simple: to provide the best possible advice and representation in criminal law from the moment they are charged to the resolution of their matter. Sophie’s dedicated team aim to ensure that clients feel part of the process and are kept aware of everything that is going on in their matter. In addition Sophie aims to make complex legal jargon accessible and to give clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.
Sophie’s approach is creative: all avenues are considered and clients are supported through the process of decision making.
Sophie’s team of experienced professionals are similarly dedicated to ensuring the clients feel safe through a process that can be one of the most stressful of their lives.
Sophie’s team are chosen for their ability to communicate and their capacity to work meticulously and tirelessly to provide only the best possible defence for our clients. We genuinely care about our clients and it is for that reason that Sophie’s firm has a loyal clientele and has enjoyed growth built on referrals by satisfied clients.
In addition to our privately paid work Toomey Defence Lawyers represents clients with Legal Aid grants and Sophie also contributes to her community by doing pro bono work regularly.

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